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Dark spots can be annoying. Image: Coveteur

Dealing with dark spots on your face can be quite frustrating. Luckily, we are here to help you fight this frustrating hyper-pigmentation! Read on to learn about dark spots and how to fade them.


Dark spot (hyperpigmentation) is a term that describes skin that appears dark. The deposition of melanin pigment is the cause of dark spots. Not everyone will get to experience dark spots. However, for those that experience dark spots, it can appear not only on your face, but it can also appear on your chest, hands or any part of your body.

It becomes frustrating for many people with dark spots because it can’t be covered by a concealer and it won’t easily go away on their own.

Hyperpigmentation and scars can be the cause of dark spots. Image: Real Simple


There are two main factors of dark spots:

1. Hyperpigmentation:Occur because of scar and sun exposure.

People with more pigment are prone to hyperpigmentation.

2. Scarring (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation/PIH):Appear as dark or pink marks, a change in skin texture that resulted in depressed or raised scars.

Inflammation and trauma can cause PIH.

People with more pigment are prone to scarring.

But there are also other factors that cause dark spots on your face. It includes:Age spots.

Certain medications.

Clearing of pimples and psoriasis patch.

Healing of a wound (burns, cuts or inside bites).

Hormonal changes (pregnancy).

Medical conditions (Acanthuses Nigricans, Melasma, Solar Lentigo, Sun Spots and many more).

Products that irritate skin.


Getting rid of dark spots can take time, especially if the dark spot is a few shades darker than your current skin color. It will usually take up to 6 to 12 months to fade, and years if the dark spot is located deep in your skin.

But don’t worry! Many ways that will quicken the fading process. However, it will take time so you must have patience when dealing with dark spots!

Here are the different types of products that help fade dark spots:

(A) Gentle and fragrance-free products:You will have a lesser chance of experiencing irritation on your skin.

(B) Skin Lightening products:Effective when it comes to fading dark spots.

Choose products that include these ingredients: Azelaic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Hydroquinone (2%), Kojic Acid, Retinoid (Adapalene Gel, Retinol or Tazarotene) and Vitamin C.

(C) Sunscreen:Choose a sunscreen based on your skin type and has broad-spectrum protection or sun protection (SPF30+), titanium or zinc oxide.

Don’t forget to wear a wide-brimmed hat when going out, as well as long pants/sleeves and UV protective eyewear.

Prevent dark spots from further darkening.

You are recommended to use our RehLa Daily UV Skin Defense SPF 5O as it is a non-comedogenic sunscreen.

(D) Consult a professional:If you are experiencing any doubts or worry, do consult a board-certified dermatologist.

Here are the types of treatment that can help treat dark spots:

(A) Chemical peels:Remove the dead skin cells/top layer of the skin by using chemical peels and exfoliating products.

Your skin will be healthy and toned.

(B) Cryotherapy:By dabbing cotton dipped in liquid nitrogen on your dark spots for 5 seconds or less, will eliminate the extra pigment and as result, you will have a spotless face.

(C) Dermabrasion/Microdermabrasion:By sanding down the surface layer of your skin using a brush, will help fade away from your dark spots.

To get the results that you wish, you need to undergo two or three Dermabrasion sessions.

(D) Laser treatment:By using intense pulsed light therapies or laser, it will help eliminate melanin-producing cells without damaging your skin surface.

You will require two to three laser sessions if you wish to completely heal your dark spots.

Papayas are one of the ingredients that help fade dark spots. Image: Byrdie


Here we have listed down different ingredients that can be the key to solving your dark spots:

(a) Almond OilHelp treat discoloration in your skin.

You can add almond oil into your nighttime skincare routine as a make-up remover or moisturizer. It will help protect your skin barrier.

(b) Aloe VeraAloe can be found in drinks or applied to the skin as a moisturizer.

By breaking the aloe’s leaf, dab the sticky aloe to your scar.

Even aloe gel can help fade dark spots and scars, as well as reduce redness. Apply directly onto your face!

(c) Grapeseed extractA natural way to help lighten dark spots on your face.

(d) Green teaApply the cooled and used tea bags on your dark spots 2x day, until the results are visible to you.

Prevent the formation of acne on your skin.

Protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) radiations, as a result, it’ll help reduce the risk of getting dark spots.

(e) Licorice extractSlows down the activity of melanocytes, which help in skin-lightening.

You can find licorice extract in over-the-counter (OTC) products such as creams.

(f) PapayaAct as a natural exfoliant.

Help brighten and make your skin look youthful.

Mash ripe papaya in a bowl and apply a face mask onto your clean face.

(g) Red onionsAllium Cepa in red onions helps in skin-lightening properties.

(h) TomatoesRich in Lycopene, which helps in sun protection.

Works best when using as tomato paste!

If you are not a huge fan of tomatoes, opt for guava, pink grapefruit, red sweet peppers or watermelon.

(i) TurmericSlows down your skin’s melanin production.

Use turmeric as a face mask. You need 1 part of honey and 1 part of turmeric.

Add in lemon juice to increase the lightening process.

(j) YogurtCan be applied to the skin or mixed with additional ingredients such as honey or oatmeal.

Help fade dark spots by exfoliating the skin.

Lactic acid which is normally found in dairy products such as yogurt, helps break down dead skin cells.

(k) Vitamin CHelp lighten dark spots.

Prevent new dark spots from existing on your skin.

You are recommended to use our RehLa Halal Skincare and Body Set as it contains vitamin C and natural, premium ingredients such as oils and pineapple extract. It’ll help keep your skin healthy!

Remember to consult with a doctor or your local board-certified dermatologist before using any of these skincare products, treatments and ingredients to confirm its efficacy and safety. Good luck fading dark spots on your skin!

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