Rehla Complete Skincare Umrah Haji | Sah Ihram

The founder of Rehla, who frequently traveled overseas, got the concept for the product from her own experiences. She’s had encountered difficulties including dry skin and damaged heels as a result of the weather variations during these travels. She also had trouble finding fragrance-and alcohol-free halal skincare items that can be used in the state of Ihram.


Motivated by these challenges, she had work closely with local university to developed a halal skincare product enriched with bioactive compounds from extract melalueca cumingiana and pineapple that have anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant qualities ensuring your skin remains healthy and protected throughout your spiritual journey.


Rehla also features cutting-edge nanovesicles technology for fast absorb which is especially made to protect, hydrate, and treat Asian women’s skin in harsh climates, both hot and cold.


Rehla’s main goal is to provide comfort and companionship to tourists doing the Hajj and Umrah. Rehla is more than just a skincare product; it represents the balance between worship and beauty, as well as the pursuit of perfection in religious practice.


Rehla is a great option for anyone looking for safe and halal skincare products. At Rehla, we understand the emotional and physical challenges of these journeys, thus we offer a comprehensive solution that combines beauty, health, and spirituality in a single product.





Contribute to lifetime learning through partnership with local universities to produce locally made skincare and body care products which are of international quality standards.


Empower and increase community economy and lifestyle of the Terengganu people. (Share Sustenance)


Continuous innovation via research and development(R&D) to enhance existing Rehla hydrating technology with nanovesicles/ nanoemulsion for rapid skin rejuvenation.


Introduction of our very own natural resource of Melaleuca cajuputi or Daun Gelam Putih which can only be found in Terengganu.


To achieve Sustainable Development Goals for life below water by producing "Reef Friendly" SPF50 product range.

Our Partners and Clients
To be the leading global professional halal personal care products.
Aimed to create a range of personal care products which are dermatologically safe, free from harsh chemicals, and Shariah compliant.
To provide a premium and Halal range of personal care products.
To help generate national economy by providing business opportunities as well as development.