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Rehla’s main goal is to provide comfort and companionship to tourists doing the Hajj and Umrah. Rehla is more than just a skincare product; it represents the balance between worship and beauty, as well as the pursuit of perfection in religious practice.Rehla is a great option for anyone looking for safe and halal skincare products because it offers a comprehensive solution that combines beauty, health, and spirituality in a single product.


Guide on how to take care of sensitive skin. Credit picture: skincarebyalana.com

Everyone has a different type of skin. Because of that, the way in taking care for each skin type is also different, whether in skin care and so on. First of all, to know what type of skin care is suitable for us, we need to study first what type of skin we have. Never buy skin based on what you like without knowing the ingredients. This is because we are worried if the ingredients used are not suitable for the type of skin we have. If we wear skincare that is not suitable for our skin, we will be at risk of experiencing break. Of course we don’t want this to happen right??

For those who have sensitive skin, they really need to take care of their skin care. They should not wear arbitrary ingredients because sensitive skin is necessarily allergic to some of the ingredients that are not suitable for them. But, first thing is, how do we know what kind of skin we have? Is it sensitive, dry, normal or a combination? All these skin types have different characteristics which will make it easier for us to identify the type of skin we have. So, here the characteristics of the following skin types are:

1. Sensitive skin.Experiencing irritation, itching and burning sensation.

Skin looks scaly and very dry during the day.

The skin looks thin until the fine lines of the blood vessels are clearly visible.

Scars, blackheads or acne scars are difficult to get rid of.

Easily responds to environmental factors such as sunlight, pollution, cold weather and chemicals found in cosmetics or toiletries.

2. Dry skin.Small pores are visible.

Skin looks dull and rough.

Fine lines appear on the skin.

3. Normal skin.Skin looks healthy and has a smooth texture.

Contains oil and moisture balance.

There is no defect on the skin.

4. Combination skinLooks oily in some areas and usually at T-zone.

Pores appear to widen especially at T-zone.

5. Oily skin.Large pores.

Skin looks shiny.

There are blackheads and acne.

However, we will emphasize on how to take care for sensitive facial skin. Anyone with sensitive facial skin should emphasize the aspect of skin care as best as possible. This is to prevent the occurrence of any unwanted problems such as break out facial skin.

First thing to do in take care a sensitive skin is cleansing. It is an important step in the skin care routine for any type of skin. It could be challenging for sensitive skin as you are trying to remove all the dirt off and but you do not want to irritate your sensitive skin. Do not use hot water to wash your face. Hot water can give a bad effect to your skin. As simple as it sound, avoiding hot water could really help you to eliminate breakouts and inflammation. Hot water is quit harsh on the skin and it can remove the lipid barrier of your skin faster than lukewarm water. So, make sure that you use comfortable temperature of water when you want to wash your face to make your skin ‘shock’ and ‘angry’. The most important thing is, do not use foamy cleanser because they contain sodium laurel sulphate which is very harsh on skin. Get used to using cleanser that contains natural fats and oils such as milky cream cleanser or old-fashioned bar soaps.

Credit picture: simpleskincare.com

Next is using a suitable toner. Toner does not make your skin firmer and stronger as you might think from the name but, it is an essential step in skin care. You need to apply toner right after cleansing and drying skin with a towel. Well-formulated toner is designed to further remove residual dirt and make up. Toners moisturize and sooth the skin after cleansing and prevent it from drying out. Good toners can reduces inflammation, infuses skin with antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients also can prepares your skin for the next steps in your skin care routine. There are a few types of toner that are suitable for sensitive skin which are:

1. Neutrogena Oil and Alcohol Free Facial Toner.Helps you to refresh your skin. This refreshing facial toner works to cleanse and tone without stripping skin of its natural moisturise. Its formula contains mild purifiers that work to gently remove impurities and help recondition skin. This toner also free-alcohol and leaves skin feeling fresh and clean without any dryness or stinging.

2. Face and Earth Sensitive Skin Toner Cucumber and Chamomile.Gives calming effects to inflame acne-prone and Rosacea skin types when used with cleanser.

But, you guys can try toner from our products which is RehLa as it is very suitable for someone who has sensitive skin. This is because the main ingredients of the products are bromelain extract from pineapple and as we know, it is very suitable for sensitive skin. So, you guys can try our product without need to feel worried.

People with sensitive skin also have to make sure that they use suitable serum or essence if they feel like they want to include it in their skin care routine. Serums or essences are infused with concentrated amount of ingredients that are designed to target specific issues such as dehydration, clogged pores, fines line and wrinkles, dull and sagging skin, age spots and many more. For sensitive skin, they must choose lightweight treatments that absorb fast and do not cause your skin to feel ‘heavy’.

Next, they need to focus on their moisturiser or cream. They need to choose the moisturiser that contains ingredients that is suitable for sensitive skin. For example, they can find the moisturiser that can help them to restore and maintain a normal moisture levels, help soothe redness, irritated, cracked or itchy skin. Sensitive skin is easily irritated if exposed to substances ingredients such as alcohol and fragrances. Try using moisturiser with occlusive types that are widely found in natural plant oils that can relieve skin irritation. Also avoid using active ingredients that corrode the skin such as Retinol, Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA).

The last one is sunscreen. You need sun protection from harmful UV as it can cause premature skin aging, skin dehydration burns and skin cancer. You cannot just apply sunscreen in the morning and hope it will last throughout the day. You need to re-apply the sunscreen especially when you always stay out door. Sunscreen is very important for sensitive skin as your skin can burns and reddens easily and it will cause irritation and break out. However, the best tips for those who have sensitive skin to avoid sun exposure by wearing big hats or staying in shades.

But, for those who have sensitive skin, you do not have to worry anymore. This is because our products can solve your problems. RehLa is one of the products that used natural ingredients as their main ingredients. We know that natural ingredients can give a lot of benefits especially to sensitive skin. So, using RehLa is a very good choice as it contains bromelain extract from pineapple as it can help you to reduce inflammation and heal the skin. So, for sure it is very suitable for sensitive skin.

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